acting rank

posto interino, posto temporário

English-Portuguese dictionary of military terminology. 2014.

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  • Acting (rank) — An Acting rank, is a military designation allowing an commissioned or non commissioned officer to assume a rank usually higher and usually temporary with the pay and allowances appropriate to that grade. As such, an officer may be ordered back to …   Wikipedia

  • Acting Pilot Officer — (APO) is the lowest commissioned grade in the Royal Air Force, being immediately junior to Pilot Officer. Unlike other RAF ranks which officers may hold in an acting capacity, Acting Pilot Officer is maintained as a separate grade. It normally… …   Wikipedia

  • Acting Lance Daffadar — was the equivalent rank to Lance Corporal in British Indian Army cavalry units, ranking below Lance Daffadar. In other units the equivalent was Lance Naik. Like a British Lance Corporal, he wore a single rank chevron …   Wikipedia

  • acting pilot officer — ˌacting ˈpilot officer 7 [acting pilot officer] noun an officer of low rank in the British ↑air force …   Useful english dictionary

  • Rank Organisation — The Rank Organisation was a British entertainment company formed in 1937 and absorbed in 1996 by The Rank Group Plc. Its film division once distributed Universal Pictures releases in the UK. Origin The Rank Organisation was created by J. Arthur… …   Wikipedia

  • Acting Conservator of the River Mersey — The Acting Conservator of the River Mersey is a unique position. The holder is responsible for ensuring navigation on, and protecting the environment of, the River Mersey in the North West of England. The Conservator originally acted on behalf of …   Wikipedia

  • acting — Doing duty for another. Officiating or holding a temporary rank or position or performing services temporarily; as, an acting captain, manager, president. Pellecchia v. Mattia, 121 N.J.L. 21, 1 A.2d 28. Performing; operating @ acting executor One …   Black's law dictionary

  • acting — I. noun Date: 1598 the art or practice of representing a character on a stage or before cameras II. adjective Date: 1797 1. holding a temporary rank or position ; performing services temporarily < acting president > 2. a. suitable for stage… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • acting pilot officer — noun a rank in the RAF above warrant officer and below pilot officer …   English new terms dictionary

  • British Army Other Ranks rank insignia — The term used to refer to all ranks below officers is Other Ranks (ORs). It includes Warrant Officers, Non commissioned officers (NCOs) and ordinary soldiers with the rank of Private or equivalent. Officers may, in speaking, distinguish… …   Wikipedia

  • Military rank — This article is about the military use of the term rank. For other uses, see Rank (disambiguation). Warfare Military history Eras Prehistoric …   Wikipedia

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